Travel Tips

  • Arrive at least one and a half hours before your scheduled departure.
  • If you are checking luggage make sure to do so forty-five (45) minutes before your scheduled departure. Forty-five (45) minutes prior to your departure airlines will be unable to check your luggage due to airlines rules & regulations.
  • Make sure you have a government issued ID present to show to the airline representative & the TSA agent.
  • Before entering the security check point make sure all liquids & gels are 3.4 ounce or less.
  • Liquids & gels must be in a quart size zip lock bag.
  • Medication should be stored in original container. 
  • All laptops must be removed from your carrying case & placed in a gray bin.
  • There is no waiting/ parking on the Terminal curb. It is for active loading and unloading of bags/ passengers only. 
  • For passengers 12 and under, shoes may remain on during the screening process.  
  • For passengers 75 and above, light jackets and shoes may be left on.  For more information, please visit the TSA link below.  In addition, another great article about senior citizens traveling can be found here.

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Pre-Check Passengers 

For those passengers eligible for TSA Pre-Check, an expedited lane will be available mid-December for your convenience.  Upon arrival to the airport, please check your boarding pass for the Pre-Check indicator.  It will look like the picture below.  If you qualify for Pre-Check, proceed to the TSA screening check point.  At that time, a separate screening lane with be available.  

 This expedited screening process allows for the following:

  • Shoes may remain on.
  • Belts may remain on.
  • Light outerwear may remain on.
  • Laptops do not need to be removed from their cases.
  • Approved 311 Liquids may remain inside your carry on luggage.


If you have any questions during the process, please see the Information Desk (located just before the screening checkpoint).