Meetings, Agendas, Minutes

The New Hanover County Airport Authority holds its monthly meeting each first Wednesday of the month in the Executive Conference Room at ILM at 5:00pm.  The current Fiscal Year’s meetings and agendas have been posted below.  Minutes are approved by the Airport Authority in the month following the meeting and will be posted once approved.  For a complete archive, please visit NHC’s Website.

Review the 2017 meeting schedule.

Date of Meeting - FY2015AgendaMinutes
06/03/20152015-06-03 Public Agenda2015-06-03 Minutes
07/01/20152015-07-01 Public Agenda2015-07-01 Minutes
08/05/20152015-08-05 Public Agenda2015-08-05 Minutes
09/02/20152015-09-02 Public Agenda2015-09-02 Minutes
10/07/20152015-10-07 Public Agenda2015-10-07 Minutes
10/22/2015 SPECIAL MEETING2015-10-22 Special Meeting2015-10-22 Special Meeting Minutes
11/04/20152015-11-04 Public Agenda2015-11-04 Minutes
12/02/20152015-12-02 Public Agenda2015-12-02 Minutes
01/06/20162016-01-06 Public Agenda2016-01-06 Minutes
02/03/20162016-02-03 Public Agenda2016-02-03 Minutes
02/15/2016Special Meeting Agenda2016-02-15 Minutes
03/02/20162016-03-02 Public Agenda2016-03-02 Minutes
04/06/20162016-04-06 Public Agenda2016-04-06 Minutes
04/26/2016 SPECIAL MEETING2016-04-26 Meeting Notice2016-04-26 Special Meeting Minutes
05/04/20162016-05-04 Public Agenda2016-05-04 Minutes
06/08/20162016-06-08 Public Agenda2016-06-08 Minutes
07/06/20162016-07-06 Public Agenda2016-07-06 Minutes
08/03/20162016-08-03 Public Agenda2016-08-03 Minutes
09/07/20162016-09-07 Public Agenda2016-09-07 Minutes
10/05/20162016-10-05 Public Agenda2016-10-05 Minutes
11/02/20162016-11-02 Public Agenda2016-11-02 Minutes
12/07/20162016-12-07 Public Agenda2016-12-07 Minutes
01/04/20172017-01-04 Public Agenda2017-01-04 Minutes
2/1/20172017-02-01 Public Agenda 2017-02-01 Minutes
3/1/20172017-03-01 Public Agenda2017-03-01 Minutes
4/5/172017-04-05 Public Agenda2017-04-05 Minutes
5/3/172017-05-03 Public Agenda
5/31/17 Special Meeting2017-05-31 Meeting Notice
6/7/172017-06-07 Public Agenda